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Secondary Market Portfolio

G-function Fund

G-function Fund is a sophisticated approach to Volatility Arbitrage in cryptocurrency's mid-frequency trading. Utilizing a statistical and scientific approach known as the Gaussian function as its theoretical base, the fund implements a well-trained Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) model of Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) to create a unified trading strategy that operates on reliable AWS cloud infrastructure, running 24/7. Led by an experienced team of quantitative traders and Web3 entrepreneurs, G-function Fund prioritizes stable growth without the use of leverage to ensure zero liquidation risk.

Our fully automated trading process ensures consistent profits from both upward and downward trends, with ease of mind due to minimal human intervention. You won't find a more secure and intelligent way to invest. 

Long-only Fund

Our success in riding along with the market stems from our unwavering belief in value investing, particularly in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Furthermore, by embracing the timeless and universal principles of holding valuable digital assets for the long-term, we have been able to navigate through the small and big economic cycles with ease, generating consistently positive returns for our investors. 

This fund operates with a long-only approach, resisting short-term market noise in favour of substantial, stable appreciation over time. This is the one and only peaceful land where we don't chase fleeting trends; we focus on lasting value, solidifying a place in the blockchain revolution.

What Our Clients Say

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Jane Z, Angel Investor

"Reliable models and incredible approaches."

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